Creating a bridge of communication with the viewer that lasts forever . whether its a game or a design language .

  • Age :19
  • Name :Ayub Muhammad
  • Student Currently doing Bachelor in  Computer Science From NUCES FAST Pakistan (sophomore year)


Shoot me a mail if you have any questions or queries . If you want to hire me or someting like that .Don’t Hesitate

  • Email: Graphicoart.pk@gmail.com

My hobbies :

  • Watch TV
  • play games on computer
  • Sketching
  • Play cricket rarely


Skills and Languages:

Progaming Languages : C++ and Python

  • Hard Surface Modelling (Intermediate)
  • Texturing (Not good with complex UVs)
  • lightning and rendering
  •  Organic Modelling (Novice)
  • Voxel Modeling (Intermediate)
  • Voxel Sculpting (Novice)
  • UI
  • Graphic designing
  • Motion Graphics(Novice)


  • Autodesk 3D’s max  Vray and mentalray
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Marvelous Designer (Intermediate)
  • Zbrush (novice)
  • Substance Painter (novice)
  • Eclipse
  • Visual Studio
  • Dosbox

leave a comment if you have any query or suggestion

Every journey start with a single step.

I Started when i was round about 13 since then i am posting every thing i do any thing out.


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