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Sorry for in convince UI of this Page is pretty messed up . New site is coming up soon (Buying a Domain and stuff)(and for all those mumblers this is why u need a ux desinger )

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HUD/FUI For Motion Pictures: 1

It is one of many coming images on the same topic  more coming soon

Asset sheet in Graphic Design : Vector  page on this blog

(yeah saw some learnsquare homeworks and Thank you Ash Thorp for all those Twitch Streams ). I didnt bought the course is kind of expensive for me :p

Inspired by Ender’s Game

Check out my Graphic Design : Vector  page on this blog to know more about my similar works related to it .

Final 1




At last its Done

Al though its not rendered fully but i spent quiet a bit of time on this . It still lacks alot from what i thought of as final image . Will surely work on it a bit more . break down  coming soon

3ds Max  Vray  Photoshop

Check Out CG Portfolio tab for my complete work on it

1.VRayShadows copy



This image is a copyright of Ayub Muhammad Graphicoart. Use of this image with out permission is a violation of law.

Too Bad

I recently Discovered Graphicoart duplicate took benifit of my neglegance on not registering My company and has taken over the word Graphicoart by putting his trade mark . This is his Page

i will soon change my name .  i have one message to him You cant obtain anything by trademarking Graphicoart word . Its not that you are an Indian and i am Pakistani its just that you are  not respecting the ethics . I have Indian Friend that have been so nice to me and we have been sharing work and gags but this is not good at all man please think about it man.


A Scene I am working on currently


Based on my own concept Fully modeled lit and rendered some part remaining as you can see are blocked out currently   by me i am going to complete it before summer InshaAllah

Texturing and UVing part remains I will add more photos including  Concept art photos when i am done

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Graphicoart Logo transitions

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Logo 2012



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Logo 2015


CG World towards PBR

What is PBR ?

Stands for Physical Based Render. this guy Does a well job of explaining  it

Heres his Encyclopedia on what it is and how to get u and running with it


Product # 2

check CG portfolio for more




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